Carol Lewis is an artist who uses words like colors and music notes to create poems, narratives, nonfiction and innovative curriculum to inform and bring peace and joy to the world. Her work comes from a place of upholding the power and grace of love and a deep connection with children, nature and the vibrating essence of us.

Her curiosity about the world inspired her writings as a child and guided her on a journey of experiences working in law, as a museum curator, editor, art teacher, winner of a national poetry prize, yoga instructor, spin instructor, community youth mentor, literacy coach, author-in-residence and New York City Teaching Fellow. Teaching in the South Bronx became a war to free children from impoverished souls, mind numbing programming and dumbing down of intellect while nurturing the inherent and God given power of intuition and emotional intelligence.

Heart work inspired her students to create the Heart to Heart Project to research and record how children experience violence and their commitment to create peace. They collected over 3,000 paper hearts with short written narratives and pledges from people from all over the world, demanding that the UN uphold its proclaimed intent to protect the rights of children. While doing so, the traumas of the incarcerated students Ms. Lewis taught were and remain a haunted reminder of the failures of the educational system and the ill nature of society. Flights of Annie is a novel celebrating the obligation to discover the work of the soul. A poetic promise